1. The Pedro DeBrito Scholarship Foundation 

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION: This Scholarship Book award was  established as a memorial in honor of Pedro DeBrito, a brother, a friend, and most of  all a person who loved to spread goodwill. All Awards are contingent upon actual  acceptance and enrollment in a College, University, or other Institute of Higher  Learning. Actual amount of Award will be issued directly to the winning applicant(s),  to be applied toward actual education costs, by the responsible student with a  verification of matriculation or registration of classes.

    The applicant must be a graduating high school senior attending College, University,  or other Institution of Higher Learning as of fall 2021. Each applicant must have  attained a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of a minimum of 3.0. 

    This application form must be completed, typed and returned postmarked to the  Scholarship Committee with all other accompanying documentation  (recommendations/official transcript) by June 30, 2021. A decision will be made by  July 30, 2021. A virtual awards ceremony is tentatively scheduled for August 2020 and awardees will be notified. 

    In addition to the application form, each applicant must write an essay, 500 words or  less, double spaced, 12 Font, Times Roman format. The Essay should be typed and on a separate sheet of paper. The subject of the Essay is: 

    Pedro DeBrito embodied a commitment to faith, family and community.  Describe how you plan to embrace the same principles in your future career and  life plan/aspirations.  

    Page No. 5 should be given to the applicant’s High School guidance counselor so that  he/she may send an official transcript of the Student’s Record to the ADDRESS LISTED  BELOW. The transcript may also be provided to student in sealed envelope to be mailed with a complete packet. 


    Pedro DeBrito Foundation 

    Attn: Scholarship Committee 

    79 Edgewood Way

    New Haven, CT 06515



    The Pedro DeBrito Scholarship Foundation



    List any special awards or recognition for scholastic achievement such as honors, prizes, scholarships etc: class


    Please list below which activities you participated in high school, civic or church groups. Add any other activities which are not listed below. School paper, school annual, literary society, newspaper, etc.

    The Pedro DeBrito Scholarship Foundation

    DRAMA: School play, dramatic club, etc.:

    ATHLETICS: Baseball, basketball, football, golf, swimming, tennis, soccer, etc.:

    MUSIC: Band, orchestra, chorus, glee, etc

    OTHERS: Scouting, civil service, religious activities, work, etc.:

    What are your hobbies and favorite recreational activities?

    What offices have you held or other recognition received for your performance in organized group activities?


    What degree will your four-year curriculum in college offer?

    Approximate registration date:

    Have you met all entrance requirements?

    If no, then please provide explanation:

    The Pedro DeBrito Scholarship Foundation

    How will your college education prepare your path for a successful career?

    I hereby certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.

    The Pedro DeBrito Scholarship Foundation


    Print your name on the first line below and give this sheet to your school Teacher/Guidance Counselor to fill out.

    Teacher/Guidance Counselor Recommendation

    Name has applied for the Pedro DeBrito Memorial Scholarship:

    Please complete the information below regarding the applicant’s character, attach a transcript of the student’s scholastic record, and provide to the student in a sealed envelope to mail a full packet directly to Scholarship Committee of the Pedro DeBrito Foundation, 79 Edgewood Way, New Haven, CT 06515.

    List any special awards or recognition for scholastic achievement, such as honors, prizes, scholarships, etc.

    Is the applicant eligible for graduation this school year?

    Indicate special qualifications which may help or considerations which may handicap the candidate in performing college level work.

    Is the applicant considered to be a person of good moral Character?

    (Teacher or Guidance Counselor)