Pedro and John

DeBrito Foundation

In the last six years, the Foundation has awarded $50,000 in scholarship to 42 deserving students.

Our Story

The Pedro & John DeBrito Foundation is a non-profit organization, and it was originally established in 2014 after the passing of our beloved Brother Pedro DeBrito in loving memory of his legacy of impacting individuals, not only on the soccer field, but also with his family and friends. In March of 2020 we again suffered the loss   of our beloved youngest brother, John DeBrito Jr.  John made the same impact on this earth and it is only fitting that the foundation will represent both incredible individuals.

What We Do?

Since 2014, with the support of donations and sponsors, the Foundation has provided almost $50.000 in scholarships to 42 deserving students who are pursuing bachelor, degrees at accredited educational institutions throughout the United States.

The Foundation has a scholarship application with criteria that include an essay.  (For more details about The Scholarships, see the link to the scholarship application form and criteria).  We have a Scholarship Selection Committee that reviews the applications process and selects the winners.  The program operates through active partnerships with dozens of high schools, and community service organizations that assist in disseminating the scholarship applications and deadline information.

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The intent of the Foundation is to issue Scholarships to students in need.


A good education is a foundation for a better future...

17 July, 2020

Since 2015 we have held Soccer Tournaments yearly both in Miami, Florida, usually at the end of February, and Waterbury CT, usually in August to raise funds supported by our sponsors in both states for the events that have been held. The Foundation has held Scholarship Dinners to award our student recipients, fundraising dinners, happy hours, and paint and sip events to also raise funds. (Here we should reference the FB page for picks and announcements of events)

29 June, 2020


We have a major event coming up in May of 2022 for our beloved John J. DeBrito, Jr. to celebrate his life in collaboration with SCSU, his alma mater, to celebrate his life. More details to come.



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